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Card Meaning I like to review

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There are certain cards I use to review a book on tarot that give me a sense of the author. Lovers – Tower – Judgement For the Majors Two of Water – Eight of Fire – Four of Earth – Three of Air For the Minors I’ll also looks at the Queen of Air and [...]

Fives & Conflict

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5’s… the idea that you were told something was wrong or not right or not able so it created a conflict within yourself and you may have stopped doing/being that. 5 = learning and teaching (Hierophant) leaning or being taught something that caused conflict. The entire process of learning being in school, taking a class [...]

What are the layers of tarot?

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Finding a meaning for a card can come from anywhere and will be personal to an individual or part of a group collective. Describing this isn’t easy. I have tended to using the word layers, however here are a other words that describe this process; as suggested by those I’ve gathered with: Variable Mercurial Fluid [...]