In Person Gathering – November 2023


Join with us for the next in person gathering to Talk Tarot

From 12:30 until 2:30pm

At Panera Bread

7204 W. 191st Street, Tinely Park, IL


If you would like us to cover something in the 2nd half some time, please share that in the message box below.  It could be anything you wish you understood more about, or a card you'd like us to do a deep dive on, or anything you'd like to have us discuss. I'll be creating a list to pull from for the 2nd Hour. We'll be mixing it up a bit. Some from books, or suggestions, or what I come up with. Just put yours in the I would like to learn more about... box

1st hour of open discussion with questions & homework.

Homework - Carried over from last month...

Using a single card do 2 paths to meaning, and then using that read 2 different positions in a reading.

Paths/pathways could include: book(s), deck specific, universal, astrology, numerology, major association, system(s), intuition, psychic, or any other way you get a meaning.

Some spread positions:
What needs to be release - What you have that helps - Recent past - What is holding you back - Where do you shine - Emerging influences - Need to know - Gift - Mind - Body - Spirit

2nd Hour

We'll work through an individual spread for 2024 together.

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There are 3 people coming.

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