Virtual Gathering – December 2023


Let's Talk Tarot - Questions on 2024

From 7:00pm until 9:00pm CT

At Google Meet

If you would like us to cover something in the 2nd half some time, please share that in the message box below.  It could be anything you wish you understood more about, or a card you'd like us to do a deep dive on, or anything you'd like to have us discuss. I'll be creating a list to pull from for the 2nd Hour. We'll be mixing it up a bit. Some from books, or suggestions, or what I come up with. Just put yours in the I would like to learn more about... box

1st Hour is open discussion & our homework.

Homework: Choose the card that you feel answers the following question(s). You can choose from the image only, from your understanding of the card, or randomly draw and then fit it to the question.

What card reflect the returning of the light?

What card reflect family gatherings?

What card show generosity?

Feel free to do only 1 or all three.

The 2nd hour

As a group we'll do individual readings for 2024. These will be 2 separate readings.

We'll be shuffling and drawing a sing card for each separately. You can pre-draw if you would prefer to have this done and then just share. I will be drawing while we're together.

What will 2024 look like for me?

What do my elevated ancestors want me to know about 2024?

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