Tradition circle of red hooded spirits with spiral and dead sea with jumping fish.

The Forest of Souls to A Walk through the Forest of Souls

If you have attended my gatherings, or spoken to me about tarot, maybe asked me what was a good book to use or get started with… you know I then turn around and ask you a bunch of questions, so I can do my best to help you choose a good one for you. I’ll also suggest you start trying to get the book 1st from your library, cuz books cost money and finding the best for you isn’t always easy. Then I’ll add at the end of that… you should get The Forest of Souls because it shows you how to release all you’ve preconceived of the tarot, and opens a whole new world of magic & possibilities & most importantly play.

It’s a book that you can read front to back, or allow yourself over many months or years to pick a chapter to read. It can take you on a journey of self, yet beyond self. Even if you are a stock tarot reader and stick to a set of meanings for each card. It can show you what is possible, whether you choose to take the journey or A Walk through the Forest of Souls.

Today May 10th in honor of Rachel Pollack who authored the book, and it’s re-release many people who love Rachel and/or the book are promoting it. I was asked if I would add something to the pot and I knew I wanted to, but wasn’t sure what exactly. Today, as I was seeing different things happening, and holding my two copies, one the original all bent, used, written on, sticky’s sticking out of it, and the new clean crisp copy. I wondered about the change in the title.

The Forest of Souls : A Walk Through the Tarot – Original

A Walk through the Forest of Souls : A Tarot Journey to Spiritual Awakening – Reissue

In the original we walk through the tarot, in the reissue we walk through a forest of souls. Tarot becomes a forest of souls.

It made me think that Rachel had a realization that her book did that for people. Made us connected and in touch with our own souls and those of the ancestors, and the millions of people around us. All those that had a story shared, or connection happen in the pages of the book as well as those outside them.

I may some day find out why it changed, and it may be mundane or for any number of other reasons, yet I will always have and believe in my thought too, and that truth is allowed to be played with when we look deeper then facts. Something I learned from the book.

So here is my wisdom reading for today. What does the new title of the book gift to us?

I’m using my self published deck I was lucky to purchase from Rachel at a Readers Studio I attended. It came in a cigar box that still smells of cedar when I open it.

I pulled the major Tradition. You can’t make this shit up.

Tradition circle of red hooded spirits with spiral and dead sea with jumping fish.

Shining Tribe Tarot by Rachel Pollack published by Llewellyn

By renaming the book, Rachel has gifted us with a new tradition. Today many are doing wisdom readings, and yes that was a new tradition when the book was 1st published, but now we are gifted with the idea that each of our cards in the tarot each of the decks that we own are part of the Forest of Souls. An insight into each of their meanings, because whether we are telling of a tall dark stranger, or working to change how we walk in the world, it’s by touching or connecting with the soul of the card and the person. Together they become a forest of souls.

It is a gift of community, seeing everyone as part of this forest connects us together.

It is a gift of teaching, as we share our individual wisdoms or learning a wisdom from someone.

It is a gift to understand that each person we connect with is a soul being.

It is a gift to allow our intuition to break the surface and come into the light.

It is a gift that allows us to understand we are connected to sacred energy; we are sacred energy.

It is a gift to understand that ancient wisdom flows through the tarot and ourselves.

You are part of this forest, and the new title allows you to see this. By reading the book, it allows you to seek the stories that open you up to both ancient wisdom, seek the traditions that call to you, create the play that allows you to create the sacred in yourself.

From the Shining Tribe Tarot book I’ll share with you the poem and meaning of the card.

They cast the great circle.
They clear the clogged highways.
They share all the gossip.
They teach all the children.

Finding your path, either through tradition or your own searching. A sense of protection, of trust and hope. Wisdom, also responsibility. Secret actions to help others. Sometimes social institutions, especially marriage.

Unorthodox behavior, liberation from rules. Lack of trust, especially in traditional beliefs or institutions. Gullibility toward anything that presents itself as alternative to established ideas. Sometimes a denial of responsibility.

Now I’ll suggest you get A Walk through the Forest of Souls – So you too can access that forest for yourself.