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Virtual Gathering Rules & Permissions

Video and Audio Recordings

Last updated: June 20th, 2021

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It’s important to understand any time you are participating in a video, phone, or in person meeting, any individual participant can be recording.

As I am trying to build my tarot business as a place to learn, I will from time to time want to share some of the videos from my teachings or gatherings. We’ve also had a few cases where during a gathering someone wanted to know what someone said about something, so being able to record would be beneficial.

I may be video & audio recording all gatherings. For any general gathering, I will not be posting or making the recording part of any course. For topic specific gatherings, where I’m teaching on a specific topic, I will be providing them as part of my library. They may be provided to the general public, via subscription, or any number of other ways, whether for free or fee.

Each person in attendance can control whether they appear on a video, or speak on the recording. I will always do my best to blur, block, or remove someone, however I can’t guarantee that I will be able to; due to time, ability, error, or other. If you do want to be removed, please let me know prior to the gathering, or as soon as possible after the gathering. Once something is out in the web, it’s impossible for to completely remove.

By Attending & participating you are agreeing to the following and granting Shari Lynn Smith the rights:

I understand that my voice or image (screenshot or video) may appear in an audio or video recording of the live gathering(s), and that the recordings may be provided to participants or offered either for sale or free to the general public.

Your attendance, connection & participation at/in the gathering grants permission to Shari Lynn Smith and her representatives to take photographs (screenshots) or videos of you and to make recordings of your voice during the gathering as part of the Gathering.

If you do not want your voice or image to appear, you will take responsibility to turn off your camera and/or mute your voice during the live meeting.

By attending, you are giving Shari Lynn Smith permission to use your voice and/or image in an image, video or recording she can post publicly or sell without any additional permission or compensation.

Once granted your permission applies to all gatherings, sessions, meetings, & lessons, you attend. You can revoke this permission by request. Any recordings made prior to the date of the revocation are excuded.

Gathering & Meeting Rules

There Are No Rules in Tarot

That is the only rule that matters.

Question everything.

All rules given here are made to be broken. Question everything I say and accept nothing until it brings you results you can perceive.” ~ Mary Greer; Tarot Constellations

Well maybe there are rules, but if there are, they should be your rules.

Myth, mystery, lore, belief, truth, and fact.

All the rules, and ways to work with tarot are based in one of these. Lets make sure we’re talking the same language.

Myth: a traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain something.

There are 22 Major Arcana because of the correlation to 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the tree of life.

Mystery: a truth known only through faith or revelation.

Tarot comes to us from Atlantis.

Lore: facts and traditions about a particular subject that have been accumulated over time through education or experience.

There are 78 cards in a traditional tarot deck.

Belief: any cognitive content an individual or group holds as true

Tarot is the work of the devil.

Truth: a fact that has been verified.

Tarot existed as early as: 1500

There have been cards found that have been dated to 1440 so they can be verified to have existed by 1500.

Fact: a concept whose truth can be proved.

You don’t have to be spiritual to read tarot.

There are many atheists who read tarot cards. I know a few.


We will not all agree on all points we discuss.

We will come together in a supportive circle to discuss and learn and grow with each other.